Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am all for people pursing dreams and goals, finding new jobs, moving, and making big life decisions, as long as it doesn't affect my life. As long as their choices only change things for them, then I am ok. I don't want close friends to move away. I don't want new careers to affect the amount of time I get to hang out with them. I don't want them to marry people I don't like. They can have babies, as long as we are still going to hang.

So that being said, I received a phone call from an organization in Texas looking to possibly hire my best friend at work. Of course I said nothing but good things about her, but upon hanging up, I wondered what would have happened if I had trashed her. Could I keep my envirnoment the same at work, avoid big changes, and be happy for a while longer? Could I keep things the same?

I used to think of myself as someone open to change, but the older I get, the more I like things to stay the same. I enjoy my comfort. I like that I can count on things from day to day. I guess its time for me to change. Though I still don't want this friend to move far away to Texas, if it makes her happy I'll do what I can to make it happen. Despite how it affects me!

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Isaac said...

I totally know what you are going through. I juat had my good friend Greg and his family move to Knoxville over a month ago. And one of my best friends Josh just moved to Louisville for seminary. Those guys I met with on a weekly basis for conversation...and I am really missing them.