Monday, April 28, 2008

Has it Really Been 20 Days?

Ok, so apparently its been 20 days since my last post. In part, because I work two really long weeks which included four days that consisted of me working for about 12 hours straight. Not the most fun, but necessary at this time of year. The other reason why I haven't updated is that we're pretty boring.

Some new things on the Maggie front.

Newer Maggie words: Taco, No, Up, Becky, and Shirt

Maggie can also now do an array of animal noises including, but not limited to:

Dog, Cat, Rooster, Chicken, Sheep, Cow, Monkey, Lion, Bear, Pig, Elephant, and I probably missed some.

Also, she is getting another molar in, and has been a beast for the past couple of days. We're getting through it though.

Also, she has recently become jealous whenever I hug or kiss Jeremy she throws a fit, so we do it alot just to make her mad. (Plus she just has to get used to it. I was here first, and I'll be here after she's out of the house!)

One other funny Maggie story. I was watching World Trade Center, that movie with Nicholas Cage, only because someone bought it for us. And while the scene itself was not funny, Maggie's reaction was. The building collapsed on a couple of police officers, and as they are screaming and writhing in agony, Maggie is screaming and mimicking them and laughing her head off. She thought it was very funny they were yelling, and wanted to join in the party.

Jeremy's new store opened, and it was a big success. Lets not go into numbers, but their grand opening brought in three times as much as their biggest day! Go hot stuff!

He has been playing shows here and there, and will be featured in the Red Eye sometime soon I believe, which is pretty cool.

Sam has nothing new going on worth posting. If that changes you will all be the first to know. She is working the same old job. Lugging around the same old kid. And married to the same old dude. Things are good on the Keen front.

I'm throwing some random pictures of Maggie up here that are somewhat amusing.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I love technology. . .sometimes

Seriously annoyed. That is what I am. My computer has been gone for 6 weeks getting the keyboard replaced, which is a big deal since its a laptop. Also, its a big deal for me because I'm mildly addicted to my computer. So its gone for 6 weeks, then I get it back and now I'm having all these spyware and virus issues that I can't resolve myself. I'm a PC person, and am pretty good with them. Fairly dorky for the average individual. But I'm even having trouble. So, now I still can't properly use my computer. Gone for so long and still not completely there. What is a girl to do? I've got a bunch of anti-lots-of-crap-software but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick. I'm discouraged and irritated. I want it to be fixed. Its like my second child, which is royally screwed up, I know. Ugh.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Don't take it personal. . .ly

Ok. So I have to admit. I have a tendency to be very hard on myself. I am performance oriented when it comes to my job, and I tend to anticipate "well done"s from those that work with me. I'm not conceited. I am a people pleaser though. I go out of my way to offer help when I am ahead of the game on my tasks, so I do get a lot of feedback for doing so. I also have a tendency to read into constructive criticism and helpful suggestions as negative remarks. I don't do this with everyone I work with, but I tend to take some people's help as personal criticism. I don't think its meant to be taken that way, in fact, I believe that the people I do this with the most, are the ones that would want me to feel that way the least. I'd like to hope so anyway. I guess I am oversensitve. How do you fix that though? What can I do to keep from taking suggestions as negativity? Why am I so insecure about these things? I don't really tend to do this with any other areas of my life. Perhaps it has something to do with balancing my career as a mom, with my career at my workplace. At least I am recognizing its not other people. I guess I'm just struggling with how stop the sensitivity, so that I can take the suggestions as help and be grateful. Suggestions are recommended. . .