Sunday, April 13, 2008

I love technology. . .sometimes

Seriously annoyed. That is what I am. My computer has been gone for 6 weeks getting the keyboard replaced, which is a big deal since its a laptop. Also, its a big deal for me because I'm mildly addicted to my computer. So its gone for 6 weeks, then I get it back and now I'm having all these spyware and virus issues that I can't resolve myself. I'm a PC person, and am pretty good with them. Fairly dorky for the average individual. But I'm even having trouble. So, now I still can't properly use my computer. Gone for so long and still not completely there. What is a girl to do? I've got a bunch of anti-lots-of-crap-software but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick. I'm discouraged and irritated. I want it to be fixed. Its like my second child, which is royally screwed up, I know. Ugh.


Lucas said...

Just ask GG. GG will fix it. Actually the only really cure for that is to get rid of the trojan imbedded in your computer. This is what you do.

Step #1 save all important data on CD's or DVD's

Step #2 Locate all your software discs and your system reboot disc.

Step #3 Completely erase and reinstall everything on your computer using your system reboot disc.

It is painful, but it is the only way. Be strong... for the children.

Hendryx2003 said...

I was the same way when our 4th member died. It was sad to see the laptop go, but we got a shiny new model in it's place It does so many more tricks! Out with the old in with the new.

I would seriously die if I didn't have my cell phone for even an hour. For can I possibly not text...???