Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I've spent days sifting through my feelings about what happened in Boston.  Tragic events like this always stir up emotions about my own tragic experiences.  Feelings I thought I'd dealt with, but always resurface from time to time.

I am beyond broken hearted by these events.  The thought that someone could take a day that so many people worked so hard to prepare for, to train for, and turn it into a day of tragedy is firmly beyond my comprehension.  But let me say this.  Before this bombing occurred, these people were heroes to me.  I can't imagine the dedication and commitment to their goals that these runners have, that their families have in support of their passion.  I've never had that kind of drive. They are more so my heroes now than they ever were before. 

I can't help but think that the bombers intentionally planned the bombs to injure runners in a way that would break their spirits and to try and take away their ability to continue doing the running they so love.  So many of the injuries were of the lower extremity and amputations. But the cowards responsible for this attack far under estimate the resilience and tenacity of the human spirit.  The type of people that run this sort of race will never let you keep them down.  I'm betting that they all show you up and run again in this same marathon some day.  My prayers are with them all.  And I know they will shine beyond this experience and put to shame those responsible for this senseless violence.

So many other people/bloggers have echoed this sentiment, but its so true.  There are so many more of us good people than there are of the bad.  The love will always outshine you.  People gave away their medals to others that were unable to finish the race because of all that went on.  Runners ran to the hospital to donate blood.  Soldiers running the marathon stopped what they were doing to help.  Fans told to evacuate the area held the hands of the hurting.  You only served to show the world how decent and kind and good so many of us are.  Your hate hurts, but our love heals.