Sunday, January 25, 2009

I won't bring it up again

I know that I have pretty much reached the limit of times I'm allowed to say that I am not ready to go back to work. I know that I have Twittered it many times. I've probably said something about it in my Facebook status several times. This is the last time I am going to complain about it. I won't really have any more opportunites as its 8:04pm the evening prior to returning. I am planning on going to bed at 9:30 to make sure that I have some rest. Until then, I am going to compile a list of reasons why I am not ready to go back to work. Then I shall make some closing remarks. After that, I will have to let it go.

Here begins my list:
1. I am tired. I can't imagine making it through a day without a nap.
2. My boy just started smiling, and every one I miss is a crushing blow to my mommy ego.
3. Things could be changing big time at work, and I am not sure I'm ready for those changes.
4. None of my clothes fit. Maternity clothing is too big. Regular clothes are too small. I really don't know what to wear.
5. I have to spend time pumping, which, while it shouldn't be, is uncomfortable and makes me self-concious.
6. My daughter just started really liking me again, and I don't want to lose that.
7. The View
8. Dr. Phil
9. Its really cold out, and lately I've had a choice about whether I want to go out or stay in.
10. Did I mention naps? I really like them.

All in all, these and I'm sure there are more, are reasons I am not ready to go back to work. Thanks for listening, and I think I will try to let this be the end of my complaining.


Lucas said...

I'm sorry Sam. But I'm sure Obama will fix it.

Sam said...

Don't be a jerk. :)