Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm Not Going to Write About How Cold It Is!

Below you will find a list of things I like.

Foods I really enjoy:
My homemade Chicken Chili
Almost anything with Marinara sauce
My special meatloaf recipe
Georgia chopped pork from Famous Dave's
Aranda's Mexican food
Chan's Gourmet in Aurora
Linda's Pizza in Joliet
Aurelio's Pizza in Joliet (now called Cemeno's)

Books I like:
See those listed on my blog. You will find them on the right side of the screen

Favorite Bible Verse:
Epehsians 3:20

Hobbies I enjoy:
Cross Stitching
Minimally playing guitar

US Cities I really like to visit:
Portland, OR
Boston, MA
Houston, TX
Austin, TX
San Antonio, TX
Seattle, WA
New York, NY

Music that I like:
There are way too many to list. Everytime I would look at this blog later I would want to add more bands. So just know that I like tons of music.

My favorite toothpaste:

Things about pancakes:
I like them with chocolate chips and whipped cream

Random fact:
I am a wealth of medical knowledge

Favorite Pizza Toppings:
Either veggie minus olives or just cheese and onions.

This was a tiny distraction for me. A distraction from the state of how things are right now that I am not going to write about.


Lucas said...

It must be nice to be able to put so much personal information on the world wide web. I had to stop ever since I joined the witness relocation program... I mean the ymca... I joined the YMCA.

Joyful said...

Since you cross stitch, I would be honored if you visited my web site at:

I design cross stitch charts featuring Bible verses. There is a new free chart called His Name is Jesus that has blessed many.

I don't have your favorite verse charted out, but we could do a custom design for you.


Isaac said...

what about movies?!