Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not long enough

When you are pregnant a second time, it just completely flies by. Currently my count down puts me with 9 weeks left. I'm starting to feel that burst of nesting energy that makes me want to clean and clean and sort and organize and arrange. Then of course, by the time I get halfway into a project, the tiredness gets to me and I need a nap. However, I've much to do before Baby 2 arrives, and if Baby 2 is anything like Maggie, then I really only have 7 1/2 weeks. So lets recap what is left to do for the baby:

1. Finish packing up all remnants of our studio/office, thus turning it into an infant's room.
2. Buy a curtain rod and hang curtains in the room.
3. Stain/paint both the changing table and crib (though Jeremy will really be doing this project.)
4. Buy a crib mattress.
5. Get all the newborn stuff out of the garage.
6. Wash all the bedding for the new baby's crib.
7. Make the crib sheets using the pattern I found on the internet.
8. Put it all together. . .am I forgetting anything?

Help! I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. And these tasks clearly do not include all of the daily/weekly basics that must get done, such as laundry, dinner, work, etc. Plus I decided to make my daughter's Halloween costume this year. . .why do I take on more that I can really handle. At least the costume will be easy. I don't know why I am feeling so crafty lately, but I have begun creating a line of sock monsters, which I may end up selling on the internet, though I haven't completely decided that yet. I plan on making alot of them while I am on maternity leave if I do get into it, and hopefully sell some so that the pinch on our bank accounts for an unpaid maternity leave will be slightly less painful. But who knows if I will have time for all that mess while I am nursing a little one and chasing a bigger one. We'll just see. One thing at a time right? So say a prayer for my racing mind. I've got to go check on dinner!

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Hendryx2003 said...

Wow! I'm surprised you have time to blog! Ha. I should just call you Wonder Woman. I can't believe you can do so much. I feel like a slacker, for I am not pregnant and can't even take on half as much as you! Although, I don't know why you're slackin' and not helping out with the dye/paint job. Come on...suck it up! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Talk to you soon!