Thursday, October 9, 2008

The end of things

So, I've lately had to come to terms with the fact that all of the classic TV shows have to end sometime. How many seasons did 7th Heaven last before they made their final farewell? 11 Seasons. Not the most well-written or acted show, but one that had a special place in my heart. Was I sad to see it end? Yes, I was. Even sadder that they tried to resurrect it after they did the series finale.

But far worse than that, I've come to the realization that one of my most favorite shows of all time is nearing an end. This show has been on so long that I can hardly remember that there was a time it wasn't on. Its sort of part of my routine. Its part of my life, as sad and disturbing as that may be. My Thursday nights will not be complete without ER. 14 seasons of ER. This show has been on since my freshman year of high school. Thats 14 years of my life spending most Thursday nights at 9 in front of the TV. And before TiVo or DVR, I dreaded going out on a Thursday, for fear of what I might miss. This year it ends. This season its over. I say a sad goodbye to Thursdays spent with my mom enthralled by the exciting plots. I say goodbye to Thursdays that I spent volunteering at the youth center, while my mom taped the show for me. I say goodbye to my current Thursdays of Grey's Anatomy followed by ER. My night of medical shows will soon be a part of history.

So I take a moment to salute my favorite doctors over the years. Doctor Green, who sadly succumbed to cancer. Dr. Susan Lewis, who left to be with her young child. Dr. Doug Ross, the hottie whose haircut influenced millions of guys throughout his stint on the show. Dr. Lockhart, who started out as Abby, the nurse, the alcoholic, and the one I will miss the most. Lastly Dr. Pratt, who died on the show last week. I am not looking forward to the final farewell, but since it is unavoidable, I will watch the rest of the season, and let go of a part of my youth. Goodbye ER. You will be missed.

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