Thursday, October 23, 2008


So today is my birthday. It has been fairly uneventful. I figured that the best part of the day would be my nap. What nap!? Of all the days for Maggie to not want to take a nap, it had to be today. But anyway, I appreciate all of the love and well wishes from everyone. One of my best friends is bringing carry out Olive Garden to my house so we can watch Grey's and enjoy good food. Jeremy, the dear, is stopping at Sonic to get me a shake and a cup of their amazing ice, as that is my biggest craving this pregnancy, ice. Its the little things that make birthdays awesome. I also got an amazing new CD by Kasey Chambers, and a new book by one of my favorite authors, the author of the book Wicked. I am excited for another year, though I've never been closer to 30 than I am today, but I guess the same will be true tomorrow. Life is good!

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Isaac said...

aww crap...i missed it by a day! well happy belated birthday and i hope you get that nap in today.