Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Good times, great storms

So last night was a rough night for weather. We had some friends over for dinner, and the electricty went out just as we finished eating. It was fun spending some time electronics free with good friends. We had candles lit and just talked and laughed and goofed around. There is nothing like neighbor to neighbor morse code, or disco flashlight dance parties. Granted the electricty was off until almost 3am, leaving us roasting in a fan free, ac free house. We also got to wake up to the sound of the air kicking back on, and then stay awake to listen to our daughter play with toys, as she must have woken up to the fan, ac, and night light coming back on all at once. But I love storms. I didn't realize that there were tornado warnings because we didn't have the tv or internet to check the weather, but there were no sirens so there were no worries right? It was a good time and a GREAT strom.

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