Saturday, July 26, 2008

Is it really almost over?

Ok, so I honestly feel that this topic is already getting overdone, but is summer really almost over already? I mean the past couple of nights the weather has been very cool. Almost chilly. I walked through target and had to avoid the school supplies because I'm a junkie when it comes to that stuff. I really wanted to make home-made soup the other day. All I could think about was October and how the Family channel always has like 30 days of scary stuff on TV. I got super-excited. Now the beginning of the school year always brings mixed emotions for me. So much of my job revolves around the school calendar, and my hardest time of year is at the very beginning, and requires me to be to work by 6:15 and usually work until about 6pm. But there is something about sipping a hot cup of coffee on my drive to a school, and watching the sun come up. Being back in the schools is fun. And before we know it, its Christmas. And this year, that will mean a new little bundle at our house. This too, has me nervous and excited. I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer yet, but I am started to get pumped for fall!

Please tell me what you think of the following potential boys names:
(Which you like most and least, etc.)



Sharing Life said...

Love Benjamin :)

Elliot always reminds me too much of E.T...could just be the generation we were raised.

Miles is a really cool name and fits really well with Maggie.

Just a couple thoughts.

Abby said...

Super cute names! Elliot is on my list too. I've always loved that name.

Hendryx2003 said...

I already gave comments on names on the other post, so I'll comment on the weather...

I feel the same way! I've taken some DVDs out of the library for Zachary and they are all Christmas and Halloween. Not ready for Christmas yet (I'm sure you will be soon!), but those crisp fall days I'm so ready for! Plus, I saw all these great activities for Halloween at the PD, so I'm so excited! We should take the kids together!