Monday, August 11, 2008

Something about being pregnant and the fall. . .

So something about being pregnant, and something about fall, always makes me nostalgic. Here are some things I keep thinking about that take me back to being a kid, and are comforting. I thought all would be food related, but I found a few that weren't.

1. Fall makes me want to bake. Being pregnant makes me want to eat. These two things go hand in hand, and they make me happy. I can't wait to bake some delicious treats for Jeremy, Maggie, Baby K 2 and myself. (Perhaps I'll even share with those outside my home, that live nearby.)

2. School supplies. I love the smell of them. I love the look of them. I love the feel of them. I'm fighting buying things I don't need, but doing well so far.

3. I am craving candy that I ate as a child. There is nothing I want more than a pack of Cherry Cola Now 'and Laters, but I will have to settle for some random flavor I can buy at Walmart. I used to be able to go to this little store and pick from 50 different flavors, ten cents a pack. I had a little brown paper bag I would fill with about 5 dollars worth, and I would eat them one after the other. I also ate sour patch candy, which I truly adore. Razzles were also a real favorite, as well as Chiclets.

4. Fall makes me think of my mom, as we both celebrate our birthdays in the fall. Something about fall makes me think of mom! In a happy sort of way!

5. Fall makes me want to go shoe shopping! For me and for Maggie. Luckily, she shares my love of shoes, and begins taking off her current pair on site of the shoe aisles at any store. She is always ready to try on a new pair! Thank you God!

6. Crock pot cooking. This is not something that my mom did much of, however, my aunts and my grandmother have thoroughly impressed the ease and comfort of a slow cooked meal that requires little effort on my part. There is something about the smell when you walk in the house at the end of the day, knowing dinner is already ready already! ( I have some good crockpot recipes if you want them!)

These are a few of my nostalgic fall thoughts. If you have any great baking recipes or crock pot ideas, feel free to post them as comments. I would love to try them and share them with others!


Blogging Molly said...

Hey!! Penzey's!!! It's on Washington in downtown Naperville just off of Jefferson. It may make your pregnant nose freak out, so beware!

Lucas said...

You jerk! I thought you fell! You can't be pregnant and be ambigous about something like a fall. You see Fall, the season, is capitalized. So if you just say "something about being pregnant and the fall (not the season)" I'm franticly reading this wondering why you are blogging about maybe a trip to the hospital.

Now I'm all stressed out. Enjoy your Fing candy.

Sam said...

Not according to the Oxford English Dictionary. In each case, the names of the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn(fall) and winter) are printed in lower case letters.