Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lifes little dilemmas hit you in a big way

So, I am taking a moment to vent on the horrible, terrible, no good service at House of Brides. I begin with the fact that I am in a wedding in September. The 12th to be exact. We ordered the dresses about a month before we found out I was pregnant with number two. So we called them in the nick of time. They told us we had two options, which were both easy. Either come in and try on the maternity dresses and pick one out, and they would exchange the first one for that one no problem. Or we could order additional fabric and have the dress altered. I figured, being the lazy person that I am that we would just order the fabric. Enter mid July, dresses come in, in the WRONG color. They have to be shipped back and re-ordered. Thus they are. We receive them last week. That puts us at about 5 weeks pre-wedding. I pick up the dress today and head to the tailor that will alter it, along with the designated fabric. She begins to fit me and realizes they have only ordered fabric for the sheer layer of the dress, and not for the liner. Thus, alterations cannot be done on this dress. Dilemma? Now we have two choices, go back to incompetent HOB and see if they can order the liner, leaving a very short period of time to get major alterations done on a dress, with major costs for the alterations as well, or try to get them to take the dress back and still exchange it for a maternity version that we will have to buy directly off the rack in order to have enough time for alterations to be done. I thought David's Bridal was bad when I got married, but clearly, HOB is worse. Do I have time for all their crap? I would say no! :)


Sharing Life said...

Ugh! I could have warned you about HOB! My cousin got married in Jan and very similar issues since her maid of honor also became pregnant. It was a NIGHTMARE for all of them! So sorry you are going through it! Good Luck!

Abby said...

I cannot even BEGIN to tell you what a hellish experience I had with HOB. That's where I got my wedding dress, which came in too short...and they told me that, according to their paperwork, I refused the extra length they recommended. Not only did that never happen, they wouldn't show me the paperwork that "proved" it. I ended up reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. It was a total nightmare. Those people are the biggest idiots on earth.

Oh my gosh, I'm getting all mad just thinking about it!