Thursday, February 28, 2008

What every happened to our civil liberties?

Good old Georgie. As if he hasn't siphened enough of our civil liberities into his pocket. Now he wants a blanket law allowing all international phone calls to be tapped. I hope no one wants to call their ailing grandmother who is not in her right mind. Hopefully she won't mention anything from the past about wars or those other words we can't say in the airport. I'm am extremely interested to see how America fairs with a new president. We can't do a total 180 without screwing up a lot of crap, but we are already in the crapper as it is. I'm not sure where our world is going to, and I'm really unsure of what is going to happen to us as a country. We seem to be struggling, and what are we citizens to do? Are there better choices in the new mix? I'm not so sure. I guess we all have our faults. Being president is a tough job. I noticed today how much older George looks than when he started. Granted its been about 8 years, but he really looks old. I can't imagine the stress the president must feel, but then again. . .

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