Saturday, February 16, 2008


The sun discourages me. I look out the window and am filled with a false sense of warmth. I walk outside and its still frickin cold. When the heck is it going to warm up? Seasonal depression is setting in. I need a vacation. Perhaps someplace warm. . .anyone can come, there's only one string attached. You have to pay for me to go. :) I hope that it stops snowing soon. This winter seems like it is never going to end.


Hendryx2003 said...

I agree! It doesn't matter how bright the sun is, if it's still 10 degrees it sucks!!! Spring is just over a month away. Woo Hoo!

melrose said...

amen to seasonal depression. every winter i wonder why i live in chicago, and every winter i say i'd move... people say 'oh- i'd miss the snow.' i say i'd visit the snow..