Friday, March 15, 2013

What Matters Most?

I'm dumbstruck at the moment.  In awe of possibility.  Amazed by the generosity of people.  Disturbed by what drives them.  I'm saddened at the inspiration.

To begin, you need to check out this link.
WOW!!! A Veronica Mars Movie

Kickstarter is an amazing website that lets creative people fund their dreams.  It builds their hopes into a reality.  I am blown away by how much money has been raised to back the filming of a Veronica Mars movie.  Seriously?!  Now, I've never seen an episode, so ultimately, I can't and don't judge whether this is a worthy endeavor.  It is what it is.  And because so many people rallied passionately behind this cause, its going to happen.  Something sparked people to be part of something bigger than them, and the end result is exactly as intended.  A movie that people will stand behind, financially and personally will hopefully be the end result.  If not, then I'd like to know what they are going to do with all that money!

What is a little disheartening for me is that there are so many things so much bigger than a movie.  Now let's be real for just a minute.  Even if the movie is amazing and awesome and everyone loves it, how long will that last?  The end result will be temporary.  A beautiful couple of hours in a couple million people's lives.  It will be analyzed, discussed, possible purchased on DVD, even if someone watches it over and over, what comes of that?

I've got a better idea.  Orphans.

Well, orphans aren't really my idea, they are the product of a broken world, but seriously, $3 million and counting sure could do a lot of orphans.  If it makes a difference, I'm pretty sure I could find a celebrity somewhere to record a voicemail for you if you gave $350 towards a child's adoption, though we might have to play fast and loose with the definition of a celebrity.  But really, should that matter?  Even if you don't believe in a God somewhere looking down.  Do you ever wonder what difference your life makes in the grand scheme of things?  Whether it matters that you dropped five dollars on an iced mocha today?  I didn't, but that's only because she charged me for the wrong drink.  I'm not guilt tripping, I wondering.  If I wanted to adopt an orphan, how many people would swoop in and drop dimes? Do you know how many international adoptions could happen with that amount of money?  Let's go with the cost of an expensive country and round up to $30,000 per kid.  Does that put things in perspective for you at all?  Let's go somewhere touchy.  We as the church have the AUDACITY to try and fight against loving gay couples adopting the least of these, but it would only take one family in each church in America to adopt one adoptable child from the foster care system to provide a loving family for EVERY adoptable child currently in the system. Now it would be ridiculous to think that every family could handle the hardships and heartbreak of enduring an adoption journey.  I don't think that every family is cut out for adoption, and I don't know that I am.  But imagine if every family partnered emotionally and financially with families that wanted to. In 2 days, the fastest Kickstarter project ever to ever raise a million dollars, in rough 2 days, raised
$3,124,554 . . .

And its still going!

 Since the time I started typing this post, they've raised enough to bring another kid home.  

Luke 12:34 says For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

I think no matter what your personal beliefs are about religion, we've got our treasure in the wrong place.  We have our hearts focused on the wrong things, and I'm toiling and wrestling with where that might be leading me.   

And since I had to save this post and return to complete it the next day, they've raised roughly another $240, 000.

Maybe I'm a Debbie Downer, but I can't help but believe we've taken a wrong turn somewhere. 

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