Monday, April 2, 2012


The child pictured above is the PICKIEST eater. He pretty much lives on PBJ, some form of chips, and some select fruits. He also loves cheese of any sort. He is unlike most children in that he dislikes the following: hot dogs, lunch meat, nutrigrain bars, and hamburgers. I got him to eat something with a little more substance today. You might ask how. If you did, I would tell you by using logic and convincing him of the importance of healthy food choices. The truth is, I did it by making sure the good stuff was surrounded by plenty of chocolate. That being said, he did end up eating applesauce, bananas, and whole wheat flour in the process. Also, in my defense, the kid could use the extra calories made available to him in the chocolate. Plus I used semi sweet mini chocolate chips, mini means the bad stuff is smaller so not as bad. See the recipe below. Note that I left off the glaze as they were plenty sweet for our tastes without.

If you want an idea of the success of the muffins, I quote:

"These are the best muffins you ever made in your entire life. I want another."
- Five year old girl that lives in my house and will eat just about anything.

Thank you for this winner.

Chocolate Chocolate Banana Muffins by Gina at

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