Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome Margot Violet Keen

Last week was a whirlwind of activity that began with Jeremy headed out of town for a conference for work. This was a day that I had dreaded and feared the last few weeks of pregnancy, as I'd already been having contractions. He left on Sunday as planned, and I spent the day terrified that I was going to go into labor and he was not going to make it back in time.

Sunday was uneventful, and labor did not set in. WHEW!

Enter Monday. The kids got dropped off at daycare, and I went home to get some work done. I felt off. I felt weird. I had NO appetite and was restless. I had some contractions, but nothing different than what I had been having the previous weeks. Then as the day progresses, I force myself to take a nap. Upon waking from my nap, I realize that there is now a new, clearer sign that I will probably be going into labor within the next 24 hours. So I call Jeremy and warn him that this is a possibility. I pick up the kids and feed them. Put them to bed, and call my dear Melanie to come stay the night with me just in case. Jeremy calls me back and says he can either take the 11:30pm flight or the 7:00am flight to get back if I want him to. He decides to take the 11:30, and boy are we lucky he did. It was storming all night. Badly! But he made it home around 1am.

At 6am I woke up to make sure Melanie had time to get back to the city. At 6:30 I was having contractions 10 minutes apart. I told Jeremy to get the kids up and to daycare so that we wouldn't have to worry about them if I went into real labor. He began to get them ready.

7am-Contractions are 5ish minutes apart, and I tell him to nevermind on the taking the kids, I'm calling my parents to come take them.

7:15am - Contractions are 3minutes apart. I tell him that I'm not sure my parents are going to get there in time and start calling neighbors to see if anyone can cover until my parents get there. No one answers their phones!

7:25 - Parents arrive and we bolt out the door.

7:30 - We check in at L&D and they put us in a room for the usual observation and monitoring.

8am -They get me on the monitor and realize how close together my contractions are. The nurse decides to check me and to my surprise I am already almost 7cm dilated.

They rush me to the Labor suite and start setting up rapidly. They ask me if I want an epidural, and I say I don't know. And apparently, I don't have time for I don't know. Jeremy suggests I get it since I wanted it last minute with Miles but it was too late. So, they pump me full of fluids and I wait for the anesthesiologist. She was GREAT, and got me hooked up. I didn't even get itchy like I did with Maggie's epidural. They check me again. 8 cm.

Then things slowed down a little and we just hung out. As my epidural started wearing off, I was almost 10 cm, this was around noon. They broke my water, and in 2 pushes Margot was born.

It was my fastest labor yet, and the most relaxed atmosphere. LOVED my nurse Audrey. Loved my midwife Karen. Just a great experience overall. 12:19 she was born on March 22.

She was 6lb20z and 4 weeks early. She is a fiesty and impatient little thing, and I ADORE her. I can't wait to see her personality develop, but I have a feeling that she will always be our fiestiest baby.

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Abby said...

She's a beauty. So happy Jeremy made it home and you had such an awesome, quick labor! Love to all of you!