Sunday, March 13, 2011

Keep on swimming

So I ended up in L&D last week with contractions like crazy. First they thought I was dehydrated, an insistent nurse implying that once she finished giving me my IV, I would be on my way home. Well, her IV didn't work, so next they gave me shots of some terrible drug that makes your heart race and gives you the shakes. The headache the next day was worth it to keep little Margot in for just a bit longer. The most disappointing thing is realizing that the calculations of my due date were slightly off, and I was not the 35 weeks and 3 days that I thought I was, I was 34 weeks and 6 days. Had I been the 35 weeks and 3 days originally thought, they would have let me keep having contractions to see if labor was actually happening. Ahhhhhhh well, what can you do?

So now, I am 35 weeks and 2 days. Still having contractions, though not like I was Wednesday night, and just wondering when this little girl is planning on making her debut. In an ideal world she would hold off until after 37 weeks, but everyone says that's not likely. So life is up in the air, not an uncommon thing in the Keen household.

However, one thing I would like to confirm is that the stomach flu should NOT be allowed to happen to women that are 35 weeks pregnant. It is miserable. As if its not hard enough to get comfortable, try having stomach issues and a fever. UGH!

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