Saturday, May 22, 2010

Working out

So I have come to enjoy the 30-60 minutes I would like to spend each day exercising. But now I have a problem. BUM FEET! Ugh. I started working out about 6 weeks ago. It sucked to start, but now I want to run everyday. Its an awesome way to begin the day. Until. . .PLANTERS FACIAITIS. Its painful. It hurts your foot, and all you can do to make it feel better is ice and stretch, but that doesn't always work, so there is Aleve. Just when that foot is feeling better, I went and injured my other foot in Austin. So now I have 2 bad feet, and I can't run or walk without aching. I guess its time for a trip back to the doctor, but I'm just so frustrated. How am I supposed to get healthy and leaner if I can do anything physical? I am not about starving myself. The thing I like about a good jog is I can just head right out the door. No driving to the gym and spending an extra 20 minutes total in the car. I really don't have much spare time, so I'm super annoyed. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm gonna give my bike a try this afternoon, but I'm thinking it might hurt my injured foot since driving makes it ache, but I have to find some means of staying active even with these foot injuries. Pray for me.

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