Sunday, June 20, 2010


I've got peace like a river. Peace like a river. Peace like a river in my soul.

While my heart has been a tumultuous mess lately, trying to figure out the who, what, when and wheres of my life, I've been slowing down, or speeding up, not sure which, to appreciate the people in my life. Letting the kids stay up a bit later to enjoy the friends around us, and I've been loving it.

Maggie is playing T-Ball on Monday evenings with tons of families and friends from our neighborhood and church, and its amazing to see the big kids mentor the little ones and show them what to do.

I love meeting with the people around me to plan a 3rd of July bike parade for our neighborhood to give people the opportunity to build relationships and find a place in their community.

I loved loved loved going shopping with a good friend and towing our four cumulative kids to the mall, and then eating at BD's Mongolian barbecue. We got asked more than once if our boys were twins or the girls were, or whether all four kids were one of ours. I bet few people realize that piling a bunch of veggies and meat into a bowl and watching guys cook it with sticks that they toss up in the air, makes new foods good, and 2 and 3 year olds adventurous eaters. I bet you also didn't know that teaching your children to use their words to tell people how they feel, can lead to them using their sad faces to manipulate the kids around them.

I loved going out for Father's Day with the family even though we sat at a table for an hour before our food actually arrived. I love to see the people that got has provided in my life, old and new, and I look forward to the chance to spend time with both. No matter what happens with work or money, the things that really matter, people, will always be a joy to me.

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