Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Big Couponing Adventure

So I think I would call my first big couponing adventure a success. I saved $19.31 at Jewel alone. Check out what I got.

First of all they had select Kellog's cereals for $1.88 per box. Luckily I had a manufacturer coupon for $1.00 off 2 boxes. Walking away with 2 boxes of cereal for $1.38 per box. For those of you who buy cereal, you know thats super duper cheap. Cereal usually runs about $3 per box.

Then they had Red Gold canned tomatoes for $10.00 for 10 cans. I had a coupon for $1.00 off 3 cans. So I got 6 cans for $4. Normally they are $1.75 a can. I got them for $.67 a can.

Danactive was on sale for $2.00 a pack, and I had a coupon for $.75 off.

Pampers wipes were on sale for $1.99 and I had a $.50 coupon. I bought 2 and used 2 MC.

Lastly I bought a package of Jewel Diapers which were $7.99 with a $4.00 coupon. $3.99 for a pack of diapers? That's right. Apparently the cashier's son did a science project testing the absorbency of different brands of diapers. Apparently, Jewel had the best absorbency. I win.

What I spent, before tax: $16.29
Savings with preferred card and coupons:$19.31

I saved more than I spent. I call that a success.

Plus I stopped at Meijer and grabbed deodorant that was on sale and used a B1G1 coupon.

I also got dogfood at Petsmart on sale for $28 dollars and they had one of those peel and stick coupons for another $3 dollars off.

This morning I used 3 bucks register rewards at Walgreens to buy 3 newspapers. I spent $1.99 on 3 sunday papers.

I'd say for my first weekend, that is not too shabby at all.


bigsmiles2002 said...

That is AMAZING!!! I've clipped my first round of coupons today...and looks like my biggest score will be at Walgreens--they have Tylenol products B1G1 and I also clipped $1 off coupon!! :)

I'm also going to check the coupon websites to see what I can find..THEN compose my grocery list.

Is it pathetic I'm stoked to do this???? LOL

Charissa (Holland) Motley said...

Nice! I am thinking about doing more coupons...but probably not until school is over and I actually have TIME again to go through the papers. Thanks for the helpful tips!