Wednesday, January 13, 2010

There is no better time than now

By now everyone is aware of the devestating situation in Haiti. I myself, have a special place in my heart for the people there. While I have never been there to see the poverty myself, a dear friend of mine was so in love with the people and the culture there, that she gave her life helping those less fortunate. Five years ago, Mironda Heston contracted Dengue fever while working withe the people in Haiti, and ever since, I've known that one day I would do something to help those people too. There has never been a better time to do so. Before the earthquake, 80% of the people there lived on less than a dollar a day. Right now, there is nowhere for them to go. The poor quality of the structures there has led to horrible devestation. People are wandering the streets among collapsed buildings. These are the moments God calls us to. These are the times for those that call themselves Christ followers to follow. If you are interested in helping, our church is in the process of trying to get an ER doctor down there to assist with medical relief. They have already secured a place to stay. The doctor is willing to give 10 days of his time. Now is the time to secure the funds to get him there. If you would like to give, please send checks made out to Tim Sutherland and send them to

Tim Sutherland
1512 warbler drive
naperville, il 60565

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Lauren said...

It's awesome that your church is helping out in such a big way. God is good!

Hope you don't mind me reading your blog...I saw that you had posted it on FB a while back and added it to my reading list. Feel free to add ours to yours as well!