Thursday, January 21, 2010

Its So Hard to Say Goodbye

Actually it isn't. It isn't hard at all in certain cases. For me, saying goodbye to Tivo and HELLO LOVELY, to ATT Uverse was not hard at all. For the most part it wasn't hard. What was hard, was continuing to pay for Tivo service despite having rid ourselves of the Tivo box 7 months ago. I called today, because I couldn't remember when the contract ended, turns out not until April. Don't worry your little head though, the very nice customer service rep helped me out by cancelling but charging me the lump sum of those last couple of months now, to avoid me forgetting to call and cancel. Thanks so much TIVO for charging me for 10 months of service, even though you keep telling me how you can see I haven't connected in 7 months. And I won't before April either, seeing as we don't even own the box anymore. TIVO is worse than a cell phone company. I couldn't even pay an exorbitant termination fee. I would have had to pay for all the remaining months of service in full. See ya TIVO, I won't be recommending you to anyone. I will be sleeping with my Uverse remote by my bedside, happy with everything they have to offer. Especially the fact that there is no contract.

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