Saturday, October 10, 2009

What's flub got to do with it?

Its got a whole heck of a lot to do with it, thats what. So I'm about to go there on post-baby weight. If you aren't interested, look away. Besides, thats what I do every day as I get dressed. I look away. I cringe, and look away. Whoever, said that to lose weight after the second baby was harder, was dead right, and I think I might despise them a little for it.

After Maggie, I was back into pre-pregnancy clothes about a month after she was born. Maybe a little less. I was able to zip my pre-preggo jeans and sneak her over to the work Christmas party. This is probably a little bit out of the ordinary for most new moms, but I only gained 15 pounds with her due to extreme food aversions. I felt great, and was actually slightly thinner than before I had a baby. Thank you piggy daughter that wanted to eat every 2 hours. You were my lifesaver.

Now to Miles. With Miles I gained the normal 30ish pounds. For some reason, Miles made me like things I didn't like before being pregnant, including cake and bacon. Now I love both. Miles, you are my nemesis. I am still hanging onto more than several pounds and cannot even pull on my pre-pregoo jeans, much less zip them. I'm discouraged and frustrated. I can't afford a new, flattering wardrobe, so I make due on a mix of fat clothes and maternity clothes. UGH! Its awful. I've heard the old adage, it takes 9 monts to put it on, same to take it off. Miles is 10 months old now. What happened? I don't eat excessively, but am still nursing, and thus hungry the majority of the time. I've heard that when you are nursing, your body holds on to a few pounds until you stop, as a back up for baby. I hope to God thats true, because I'm tired of looking at myself in the mirror. I can't do a really low cal diet either, due to the nursing. I guess I have to exercise my patience, which is terribly difficult when it comes to not having anything to wear. Seriously. Help. If someone could tell me where to squeeze in a few trips to the gym between, work, caring for the kids, and Jer's work schedule, I would gladly take a pointer. I simply can't bear the thought of waking up at 5 to go to the gym before I start my day. That sounds like PURE TORTURE. I feel like its hard enough to get up at 6:30 with the kids.

I don't know how to end this entry. Thats pretty much all I have to say.


Nicci said...

Hey there Sam! Saw your hubby's comment on FB. Sounds like a wonderful supportive man. I'm glad you have that. But I know what you mean about losing the weight. I'm sorry you're having a hard time with it. My sisters went through the same thing after their pregnancies. So, to brainstorm ideas: I know Christi gets a lot of her yummy recipes from Cooking Light Magazine, that may help on the diet end. You've probably already thought of this, how about playing active games with kiddos for at least 30 min a day? Rigorous Simon says with squats, crunches and all that toning stuff? Or chase, if Maggie isn't at that level yet? You could probably chase and be chased with miles if you have one of those carriers. Also, did you know that (2) 15 minute workout sessions within a 24 hr period has the same cardiovascular effect as (1) 30 min session? So, if you can't find one chunk of time, perhaps 2 little chunks? I know you'll lose it eventually! Hang in there!
Nicci (Walchshauser) Hejnar

Sam said...

Thanks Nicci! I appreciate the support!

Lucas said...

I'm going to go a different way. I say "thug out". You can't get your pants on? That's okay. Most OG's hang their pants some where around their knees. Also a giant FUBU shirt is not only figure hiding, but the best thing to wear when you make Maggie "come correct". You don't even need to spend alot of money to get said pimp gear, check out your local thrift store, Safe Way, or Kenny Shoes.

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