Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Shack Review

So I've finished reading this book called The Shack. Overall it was a really intriguing look at the three aspects of God. I found it to be emotional, inspiring, and at first I just could not put it down. I started reading it at 10 o'clock the other night and looked up to see that it was 12:30am. That says alot about the book, as I am still getting up with my 3 month old twice a night for feedings. The fact that I could even be awake at 12:30am speaks volumes. However, as I trudged alot through the book, it became heavy and though provoking. I found at times I would have to put the book down, and come back to re-read things. This is rare for me, but was, perhaps the best part about the book. It gets you to take a look at things and think. Lastly though, I'm not sure it is the most accurate portrayal of the Biblical God. It gives you the sense that God is the all loving best friend that you want to carry around in your pocket. While God IS all loving and all knowing, the Bible clearly says that he is a jealous and vengeful God. That aspect of God was no where to be found in this book. We have to remember as we read books like this that it is fiction. While it may be based on a supposed actual experience, there is no way to prove that it really happened. And it is FICTION. As a good read though, I would highly recommend it. But don't go into it looking for Biblical truth. While there are truths scattered throughout the book, overall it is just that, another interesting book to mull over.

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Isaac said...

good review. I think the fiction part is where so many people don't get it with this book. I for one have no desire to read it b/c i think it is deceiving a lot of people, but of course it is their own fault for buying into it entirely.

But i might look into it now after what your review.