Thursday, March 13, 2008

Business of life consumes me

So, its been awhile since I have posted. I have been consumed with all the little things that chase me. With visitors in town, work and household chores, I hardly feel as though I have a minute to myself. My mind is constantly going a million miles a minute, and I feel like I'm having heart palpatations. Whenever I lay down to sleep my heart races along with my thoughts. I don't know why I've been worrying so lately. I need to just relax and let it go. Let it all go. I really feel like when I get into the word and I'm really committing time to God, that I start to get stressed. I should know by now that its not just me. There are powers at work against God. Since I am trying to follow God, that means that I need to be prepared to combat those thoughts, feelings, and powers. Its just so much easier to give in. And sometimes I want easy instead of what is good for me.

On a positive note, I took Maggie outside today to spend time in the sunshine. It was fun. She wrote with sidewalk chalk. We splashed in puddles. I chased her away from the street. She chased the neighbors dog. We had fun. It made me realize how fast time flies. This time last year, all she could really do was crawl around and lay in her car seat. I'm afraid I'm going to wake up tomorrow and Maggie is going to be 16.

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