Wednesday, November 17, 2010

T-8 days to T-Day

I love Thanksgiving. I love the promise of turkey, mashed potatoes covered in gravy, sweet potatoes, and all the other sides that threaten to touch each other on my plate. (That part I don't like). Which brings me to one thing, and one thing only. Cranberry sauce. I have seen a million recipes for homemeade cranberry sauce lately. I am all about making things from scratch, but I have NO, count it, NO interest in homemade lumpy, chunky, citrusy, winey, or any other homemade variation of cranberry sauce. Give me the smooth texture of the kind that plops onto a plate, out of a can, complete with those lovely ridges that tell you where to slice it. I've tried other cranberry sauce, and for some reason, I always come back to this staple. Its not just for Thanksgiving either. I eat it with TONS of stuff, and its amazing on a turkey sandwhich post-holiday. Maybe this makes me white trash. Maybe this makes me stupid. I am who I am, but I LOVE CANNED CRANBERRY SAUCE.

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Valerie said...

Haha you goof! Make homemade cranberry sauce and put in the the food processor to get the lumps out! I dont like cranberry sauce period... Canned, homemade, NOTHING! blech! Anyways, have a great day Sam!